Martindale HPAT 500

£394.80  Inc VAT

The HPAT500 is an easy to use battery powered, hand held PAT tester with simple one-button test selection. It’s lightweight portable design make it ideal for testing in all locations whether under a desk or testing a wall mounted monitor. The tester comes with rechargeable batteries and mains charger for low cost of ownership and can even be used whilst recharging ensuring no downtime.

Simple one button testing
Pass/Fail indicator with test results
Class I, Class II & Lead Test
200mA Earth Bond - IT Safe
500V Insulation Test
Rechargeable batteries

Earth Bond Test (IT Safe)

  • Test Current: 200mA DC
  • Test Voltage: 4V DC
  • Default Pass Value: 0.1Ω
  • Secondary Pass Value: 0.2Ω

Insulation Resistance

  • Test Voltage: >500V DC at 1mA
  • Display Range: 0.20Megohm - 19.99Megohm
  • Pass Value: 1Megohm Class I, 2Megohm Class II

IEC & Extension Lead Test

  • Earth Continuity: 200mA DC
  • Insulation Test: 500V DC
  • Wiring Test: Live, Neutral Continuity& Polarity

Fuse Test

  • Test Voltage: 4V DC
  • Test Current: 200mA DC
  • Pass Level: >2mA

  • Model: HPAT500
  • Manufacturer: Martindale